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How are new teeth made?



The first step of making a new tooth requires dental professionals gathering critical patient oral data through digital impressions and advanced imaging like X-rays and CBCT, providing a detailed 3D view of the oral anatomy for precise treatment planning.



Utilizing collected data, specialized CAD software enables technicians to design dental restorations and appliances with high precision, customizing each piece to match the patient's unique anatomical features and functional needs for optimal fit and aesthetics.



The designed models are transformed into tangible dental restorations using CAM processes, 3D printing, and CNC milling. These technologies allow for the accurate creation of biocompatible dental devices, layer by layer or through subtractive manufacturing.



Post-manufacturing, restorations undergo cleaning, polishing, and quality checks to ensure they meet high standards. Adjustments and finishing touches are applied as needed, perfecting the fit and appearance to match natural tooth characteristics closely.

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