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Tony Grisanti, CDT

Professor of Ceramics

A graduate of Erie Community College, Tony is board certified in crown, bridge and dental ceramics. He maintains his continuing education by learning from leaders such as Lee Culp, Gerald Ubassy, Dr. Pete Dawson and Frank Spear. Tony opened his lab in 1993 and eight years later would work for Dr. Bill Strupp in his office in Clearwater, Florida. Tony returned to Buffalo and was associated with the office of Dr. Ron Jarvis and later, Orchard Park Prosthodontics for the following 15 years.

Ray Rayeski, CDT

Dean of EDA

Ray Rayeski, CDT an ECC Dental Lab School Professor, has made significant strides in our dental community. Over his 40-year career, Ray has taught 500 dental technician graduates at Erie Community College in Buffalo New York. Ray’s dedication has positioned himself as the cornerstone of dental tech education in Western New York, leaving a lasting impact on the community and the industry. By 1999, he led Highland Acres Dental Lab, renowned for its expertise in ceramics and partial dentures. Ray’s deep passion for anterior esthetics has enhanced countless smiles. Today Ray is proud to consultant EDS and our new education programs.

Mark Lazzara


Mark Lazzara began his career as a part time counselor in 1983 eventually rising to become the Executive Director of the West Seneca Youth Bureau. Lazzara holds a B.S. in social work and a Master’s degree in Human Services Management from Buffalo State College. He established the first Youth Conservation Corps with only eight members, with a $40,000 budget which grew to 800 members annually with a $6.5 million budget. For over a decade, Mark has served as the Evolution Dental Science Director of Strategic Business Development, being instrumental in building the EDS brand while hiring dozens of Dental Technicians. Mark is also a professor of Social Science and Career Development at Bryant Stratton College.

Jonny Jakson

Exocad software specialist


Jonny is youngest exocad expert in the world. Jonny currently sits as lead 3D printing coordinator and designer at Evolution Dental Science. Well-trained and very articulate, Jonny has a unique ability to train young staff through peer-to-peer insight. Jonny is ready to teach you how to navigate and become confident in creating smiles using exocad.

joshua Jakson

Design Specialist


Bringing a new take on digital technology Josh is head of the CAD / CAM team and all digital processes at evolution he is also president of the evolve product line which is a CAD solution for dental professionals. Josh has worked in the digital photography field working for such names as The Buffalo News, Tonawanda news, and AP magazine. With this knowledge of digital photo manipulation he then studied with the Avadent digital denture team in Scottsdale Arizona during his tender there and is using that knowledge to better serve our community. Joshua is among the top respected exocad educators in the industry, known for his unique design techniques that  became integrated into exocad’s software.

Reane Kublak

3D - Printing Specialist


Renee joined Evolution Dental Science as a 3D Printing Post-Processor straight out of school four years ago. With her hands-on experience in completing over 10,000 dental restorations, she has quickly become a master in processing dental restorations. Renee will be working closely with you, sharing her expertise in turning 3D printed materials into high-quality dental solutions.

Andy Jakson

Founder / CEO

Visionary in the world of Digital Dentistry, Jakson has been a manufacturing workflow developer for over 30 years. His transformative approach of restorative manufacturing has changed how full arch and dentures are crafted. Andy helped promote and educate on manufacturing workflows that are today commonplace as one of dentistry’s first expert opinion leaders on the subject of CAD/CAM.

J.J. Siepierski

Professor / Vice President

J.J. has worked in sales, marketing, and new business creation for more than 13 years. Siepierski has intimate knowledge of complexities associated with financing space through his work on the J.P. Morgan Chase Health Advance program. He spent the past 6 years focusing on dental practice marketing and management with Evolution Dental Science, McClure Dental Services, and Mini Dental Implant Solutions. His expert understanding of the dental provider market and their operations models gives Evolve insight into the current expectations and needs for patient financing in the dental market.

Darlene Jakson

Co - Founder

Organizational leader and Director of Human Resource Management, Jakson has been working beside Andy since 1993. With over 30 years of experience in lab management; Darlene’s care for our team has made EDS one of the fastest growing businesses in the industry.

Digital dentistry merges innovative design with precision finishing, setting new standards in dental health and aesthetics.

CAD Design

Dive into the future of dental restoration with exocad software: where precision meets creativity. Unleash your potential in digital dentistry and revolutionize how you design and create.


Discover the precision of CAD/CAM, the innovation of 3D printing, and the intelligence of AI diagnostics in dentistry. Elevate your skills with technologies that are reshaping dental care, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Post Processing

Unlock the secrets of post-processing in digital dentistry. Learn how cleaning, finishing, coloring, and sterilizing transform restorations into works of art, elevating your skills and bringing smiles to life with precision and care.

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